Ferfere Magazine

What is Ferfere Magazine?

Ferfere magazine is the first Farsi children's magazine created outside Iran for Farsi-speaking children growing up outside of Iran. This project has been months in the works and we are so excited to finally introduce our monthly magazine that will feature a wide array of fun educational materials and activities all in Farsi, covering Iran's culture, geography, games, arts, and more with the goal of engaging children in their own education, and introducing them to the rich culture of Iran. 

You can click on this video to see a full introduction to the magazine: What is Ferfere?

How can I order?

You can order the Ferfere magazine to be delivered monthly to your doorstep with this link. You have the option of buying a single edition or purchasing an annual subscription. 

Ferfere was first launched in November 2022 and we are currently on our twelfth edition which you can still order now with the link above! 

ویدیو های قسمت هنر مجله: 

قلمزنی با محمد اسدی

تار با مهیار مرادیان

نقاشی با آراز میرزاحسینی


اگر مایلید مجله فارسی فرفره رو به کسی هدیه  بدهید،  میتوانید از گیفت کارد مجله استفاده  کنید